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Nordic Ware Traditional Bundt PanNordic Ware is the Brand and Trade name of Northland Aluminum Products Inc. Founded in 1947, it is a responsible family owned and operated company, located in Minneapolis, MN. With three generations involved in the business, they serve retail, foodservice, and industrial clients worldwide.

Bundt Registered TrademarkBundt™ became a household word in the 1960's, when these pans were the dream of every home baker. They have become so popular that most people have come to use Bundt™ when referring to any decorative tube pan.

There are so many wonderful recipes in this old 1972 booklet, Unusual Old World and American Recipes, that we just had to share them with you. We used to hand them out with every Nordic Ware purchase. It's our hope that you'll find inspiration from these traditional recipes in using your Bundt™.

Nordic Ware Unusual Old World and American Recipes
Download Unusual Old World and American Recipes Booklet
Page from Nordic Ware Recipe Booklet
Download Unusual Old World and American Recipes Booklet
Page from Nordic Ware Recipe Booklet
Download Unusual Old World and American Recipes Booklet
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Bundt™ TM 12-Cup Pan Recipes:
Tips and tricks for the use of your Bundt™ pan (Pg 5)
Sour Cream Coffee Cake (Pg 6)
Coffee Kuchen (Pg 6)
Sweet Chocolate Chip Cake (Pg 6)
Poppyseed Cake (Pg 7)
Spiced Apple Pound Cake (Pg 7)
7-Up Cake (Pg 8)
Famous Lemon Cake (Pg 8)
Tunnel of Fudge (Pg 9)
Basic Gelatin for Bundt™ Pan (Pg 9)

Mini-Bundt™ 9-Cup Pan Recipes:
Preparing and using your Mini-Bundt™ (Pg 11)
Sausage Cake (Pg 10)
Pineapple Upside-Down Cake (Pg 10)
Rum Baba (Pg 12)
California Coffee Cake (Pg 12)
Festive No-Bake Fruit Cake (Pg 12)
Falso Frommage (Pg 12)
German Mini-Bundt™ Cake (Pg 13)
Mandarin Coffee Bread (Pg 13)
Easy Does-It Coffee Cake (Pg 13)
Decorative Ice Cream Mold (Pg 13)
Basic Gelatin for Mini-Bundt™ Pan (Pg 13)
Toffee Crunch Coffee Cake (Pg 14)
Marble Cake (Pg 14)
Vegetable Salad Symphony (Pg 14)

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Pan Recipes:
Pineapple Upside-Down Cake (Pg 15)
Fruit Salad Supreme (Pg 15)

Bake and Salad Molds:
Tips and tricks for the use of your mold (Pg 17)
Fruit Gelatin Deluxe Ring Fruit (pg 18)
Frozen Fruit Ring (Pg 18)
Christmas Bells (Pg 18)
Wedding Cake Anniversary Bell Cake (Pg 18)
Christmas Tree Cake (Pg 19)
Spice Coffee Mate (Pg 19)
Marble Nut Coffee Cake (Pg 19)
Lime Rice Mold (Pg 19)
Rose Jello Mold (Pg 20)
Cherry Wine Mold (Pg 20)
ABC Aspic (Pg 20)
Sweetheart Cake (Pg 20)
Strawberry Sour Cream Mold (Pg 20)
Holiday Fruit Gelatin (Pg 21)
Raspberry Ice Cream Ring (Pg 21)
Fresh Apple Cake (Pg 21)
Frosty Lime Seafood Salad (Pg 22)
Cranberry Tuna Salad (Pg 22)
Seafood Appetizer (Pg 22)
Golden Harvest Mold (Pg 23)
Banana Gingerbread Delight (Pg 23)
Apricot Glazed Rum Cake (Pg 24)
Tyrolean Fruitcake (no bake) (Pg 24)

Additional Bundt™ 12-Cup Pan Recipes:
Mrs Warlick's Bundt™ Cake (Pg 25)
Egg Custard Cake (Pg 25)
Party Meatloaf (Pg 25)
Very Berry Lemon Cake (Pg 25)
Madeira Pound Cake (Pg 26)
Gather Round Pound Cake (Pg 26)
Bundt™ Cake (Pg 26)
Chocolate-Glazed Dream Cake (Pg 27)
Cold Pound Cake (Pg 27)
German Bundt™ Cake (Pg 27)
Bundt™ Coffee Cake (Pg 27)
Mosaic Mold (Pg 28)
Chocolate Ice Cream Cake (Pg 28)
Grandma's Cheesecake (Pg 28)
Pistachio Bundt™ Cake (Pg 28)

Specialty Bake and Cook Ware:
Individual Party Molds (Pg 30)
Cranberry Pecan Bread (Pg 30)
Old Fashioned Platter (Pg 31)
Indivual Sandbakkelse Recipe (Pg 31)
Danish Ebleskiver (Pg 32)
Easy Do Ebleskiver (Pg 32)
Standard Ebleskiver (Pg 32)
Lasagna (Pg 33)
Top of the Range Corn Bread (Pg 33)
Corn Bread (Pg 33)
Special hints on baking Krumkake (Pg 34)
Lemon Krumkake (Pg 34)
Cardamon Krumkake (Pg 34)
Helpful hints for use of your new Cookie King (Pg 35)
Cheese Straws (Pg 35)
Spritz Cookies (Pg 35)
Sour Cream Cookies (Pg 35)
Popovers (Pg 36)
Scotch Tea Tarts (Pg 36)
Fresh Strawberry Tarts (Pg 36)
Cranberry Steamed Pudding (Pg 37)
Speedy Ginger Cookies (Pg 37)
Decorated Egg of Football Cake (Pg 37)
Rhubarb Cake (Pg 38)
General Icing Recipe (Pg 38)
Lamb, Bunny or Santa Mold Cake (Pg 38)
Magic Mold Cake (Pg 39)
Popcorn or Cereal Molds (Pg 39)
Dessert Rosettes (Pg 40)
Basic Pancakes with Variations (Pg 40)
Corn Pones (Pg 41)
Bran Corn Bread Sticks (Pg 41)
Fish Surprise Sticks (Pg 41)