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Fante’s Flavors Labeling

The Federal Government regulates the labeling of flavors. These regulations can be found in the Code of Federal Regulations, Food Labeling Requirements 21 CFR 101.22. This subchapter defines artificial flavors (a)(1), spices (a)(2), natural flavors (a)(3) and the correct use of these terms in foods and beverages. The exact regulations are available on the web at (2014: Title 21, Chapter 1, Subchapter B, Part 101, Section 22).

Flavorings produced under the Fante’s label are certified by our supplier to conform to the federal regulations. Below are examples of what these label designations mean to the consumer:

Pure Extracts

Vanilla is the only extract that has a standard of identity, which establishes the legal criteria that must be met before a product can be labeled vanilla extract. This is not the case with other extracts. As a result, the term “pure extract” when used to describe flavors besides vanilla is open to interpretation. The flavor ingredients used in our pure extracts are derived exclusively from the named product. The flavor in our Pure Orange Extract, therefore, contains only orange oil.

Some companies use the term "pure" to describe extracts, which contain artificial flavors or natural and artificial flavors. We believe this is misleading and it is one reason our pure extracts are sometimes more expensive. While the solvents used in extracts are not considered part of the flavor, with the exception of our Pure Cinnamon Extract, we use only ethyl alcohol in our extracts.

Imitation Extracts

The term imitation extract was popularized by McCormick & Co. and other manufacturers of retail bakery extracts to describe extracts which typically contain artificial flavors (see definition of an artificial flavor below). Imitation extracts are less expensive than pure extracts and natural flavors. This is due to the fact that synthetic or artificial flavor ingredients are generally less expensive than their natural equivalents.

Artificial Flavor

An artificial flavor is made using artificial or synthetic flavor ingredients. As an example, an “Artificial Orange Flavor” contains artificial flavor ingredients.

Natural Flavor

All flavor ingredients derived from the named product. As an example, a “Natural Orange Flavor" contains flavor ingredients derived exclusively from orange. Solvents, diluents, emulsifiers and water are not considered part of the flavor.

Natural Flavor Blend

A natural flavor blend is a flavor which contains only natural flavor ingredients. These materials, however, do not need to be derived from the named product. As an example, while an “Orange; Natural Flavor Blend” contains natural flavor ingredients, they do not need to be from oranges.

Natural and Artificial Flavor

A natural and artificial flavor contains at least one flavor material that is natural and one that is artificial. There is no requirement regarding the ratio of natural to artificial ingredients.


A flavor labeled WONF (with other natural flavors) contains at least one or more flavor ingredients derived from the named product as well as other natural flavor ingredients. There is no required ratio of the various flavor ingredients.

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