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chitarra pasta maker with metal and hardwood frame

Our Handmade Chitarra
19.5" x 9.25" x 4.5"
6" x 14.5" cutting area
Wood color may vary

Chitarra Pasta Maker

"Chitarra" (pronounced key-TAHR-rah) is Italian for guitar, although it has an almost harp-like appearance. It's been described as an "old-school" pasta cutting device, a precursor of the manual pasta maker.

Our chitarra has a hardwood frame, cast aluminum anchors, and steel wires that are very durable.
The wires are set apart 1/8" on one side and 3/16" on the other.

• Roll out a sheet of dough, lightly sprinkle both sides of the pasta sheet with flour, and place it on the chitarra.
• Using a rolling pin, roll over the pasta sheet to cut the strands.
• The center board catches the cut pasta.
• The pasta can go right into boiling water, or can be dried and frozen for future use.

The end result is a very light pasta that cooks quickly and absorbs more sauce than store-bought and extruded kinds.

Chitarra Instructions & Recipe

 Chitarra maintenance instructions 

Chitarra pasta maker

Chitarra pasta maker
Cast aluminum anchors and wire guides

Chitarra pasta maker

Chitarra pasta maker
Sliding board for removal of cut chitarra pasta strands

David Rowlett rolling out chitarra pasta
DC's David Rowlett rolling out chitarra pasta
David's chitarra pasta maker

Chitarra Pasta Maker Maintenance

Never wash
Keep the chitarra away from water, to keep the steel bolts and wires from rusting, and to keep the wood from warping.
Brush & scrape
Wipe off flour with a pastry brush.
Use a plastic scraper to remove any sticking dough.
Lubricate regularly
Lubricate from time to time, depending on the humidity in your environment: Wipe wires and steel nuts and bolts with an oil-dampened cloth. Food-grade mineral oil is preferred.
Store dry
Store in the original box, in a dry place.