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Bigolaro Pasta Extruder on Bench


The "Bigolaro" is a pasta press that can extrude very thick spaghetti called "Bigoli" in the Venetian dialect. Dies are also included to make rigatoni (Gargati), and tagliatelle (Tugiadele).

The main attraction of this big spaghetti is its roughness, which allows it to hold sauces and dressings well.

In 1875 Francesco Bottene designed this extruder and obtained a Royal Patent for what was then called "New Machine for the Production of Home Pastas". The machine was also commonly known as "Bigolaro", and continues to be produced by Bottene to this day.

With the die in place at the bottom of the barrel, add the dough, pivot the plunger assembly so the pusher is aligned in the barrel, and start turning the handles. Extruding the pasta is not a fast process, but you'll have fun doing so, and the results are well worth it.

Bottene Pasta Machine - Torchio Bigolaro #6Bottene Pasta Extruding Machine - Torchio Bigolaro #6
0.48 kg (1 lb) pasta dough capacity.
Includes 3 brass dies: 5 mm / 3/16" tagliatelle, 3 mm / 3/32" spaghetti, 7 mm / 1/4" rigatoni. Brass, steel, and cast iron construction. 2" barrel interior, 8.25" long, 19" wide iron turning rod with wood handholds.
Made in Italy Made in Italy

Tagliolini Brass Die for Bigolaro #6Tagliolini Die for No. 6 Bigolaro
Use this die with the No. 6 Bigolaro to make delicate tagliolini pasta
0.5 x 2 mm / 1/64 x 1/16" wide tagliolini, 49 mm / 2" diameter, 8 mm / 1/4" thick, solid brass
Made in Italy Made in Italy

Bench for Bottene #6 BigolaroBigolari must be securely attached to a table, bench, or countertop.
Bench for Bottene #6 Pasta Extruding Machine
26" x 9" x 1.5" bench top, 17" long legs, Bench requires assembly.
Made in Italy Made in Italy

Bigoi co l'arna, specialità vicentina Traditional bigoli were dressed with meat, duck offal, or a light anchovy sauce.

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Bigoli con le Sardelle
Specialità Mantovana

Bigoli with Anchovies or Sardines
A Specialty of Mantova

Ingredients (serves 4 people)

For the dough:
White flour 00 gr. 350
Butter gr. 30
Eggs, 2 (optional)
Note: In Mantova, as in Veneto, bigoli can be prepared with or without eggs.
You may also use whole wheat flour.

For the dressing:
Anchovies (or Sardines), salted, 100 grams approximately
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, about 80 gr
Garlic, 1 clove

Prepare the dough on a pasta board, starting with making a mound of flour with a well in the center, into which you add the eggs (optional) and the melted butter. Mix the ingredients together, gradually adding just enough milk as you knead to make a rather stiff dough.

Make a thick roll of dough and insert it into the cylinder. Close the torchetto by screwing on the lid, then turn the handle clockwise.

As bigoli come out, dust them with cornmeal to prevent sticking. Let them rest on the pasta board, without letting them dry out too much.

Heat a pot of water, lightly salted, and add the bigoli only when the water comes to a rolling boil.

Prepare the dressing by removing the salt from the anchovies (or similar pilchard), scraping them well with a knife to remove all the flakes. Don't wash them to remove the salt, as this will take away too much flavor. Fillet the fishes open and remove the bones.

When the bigoli are almost done cooking, Add the olive oil, in abundance, to a pan with a clove of garlic. When the garlic starts to change color, and before the oil begins to boil, add the anchovies, which will pretty much dissolve. This should be done with bigoli are almost done cooking, so that the dissolved anchovies and bigoli are both very hot. Drain the pasta and dress it with the sauce and a pinch of pepper. Do not add cheese, given the presence of the salty anchovies.

You may add a bit of tuna and anchovies with chopped parsley and, if to your taste, also some tomato.

Bigoli can be seasoned in many other ways:
• With bacon and beans
• Duck with giblets (duck eggs are used in making the bigoli, which are then cooked in duck broth)
• With chicken giblets (called, "rovinazzi" in the Veneto)

Bottene Pasta Machine - Torchio Bigolaro #6
Bottene Pasta Machine - Torchio Bigolaro #6

Front view of Bigolaro #6 brass dies
Front and back views of #6 brass dies
Back view of Bigolaro #6 brass dies

Front view of Bigolaro #6 Tagliolini brass dieBack view of Bigolaro #6 Tagliolini brass die
Front and back of Tagliolini brass die

Head and dies of a Bigolaro
Head and dies of a Bigolaro

Brass barrel of the Bigolaro
Brass barrel of the Bigolaro

Bigolaro barrel with Fettuccine die
Bigolaro barrel with Fettuccine die

Screw detail of Bigolaro
Screw detail of Bigolaro

Mounting of bigolaro on a bench
Mounting of bigolaro on a bench (screws not included)

Bench for Bottene #6 Pasta Machine
Bench for Bottene #6 Pasta Machine

Torchi da Tavolo by Bottene     Mariella Playing with Bigolaro
Various sizes of Torchi da Tavolo by Bottene, and Mariella playing with a Bigolaro

Torchi da Tavolo Model Specs
Bigolaro model specs



In questi tempi di progressiva catastrofe ecologica, in un mondo dove ormai tutto e` inquinato, e` giocoforza aggrapparsi a quel po` che ancora e` rimasto di genuino, di sano, di energetico.

Un piatto di "bigoli" fumanti, fatti di farina di grano intero, suscita anzitutto appetito fisico, ma perche` no, anche poesia?!

La poesia delle cose semplici e naturali di cui il mondo e` avaro; le piu` buone; le piu` valide:

Davanti a un piato
de bigoli "Borella"
me par d'intraveder
un campo de spighe,
dorae dal sol de Giugno
e rabufae dal vento....

I sbianzi de pomodoro
i fa da papaveri,
el persimolo e el pesto
da sbroegie e fiordalisi....

Sta cara vision
me fa andar in estasi;
me stuzega
quella voglia ingorda
che provava
quando s'andava
a sorpressar le spighe,
ai bei tempi,
con la putela del cor....

Adesso no me resta,
par consolarme,
che gustare la delizia
che provien sempre
da quele spighe:
I bigoli de Bassan
e dal gran "degusto"
onzerme mostaci e sbessola.

Ah, che bocon da prete!